va charactersFinally, someone printed up a table of contents/cast of characters so we can keep track of the miscreants and their protagonists. Unfortunately, this list of 24 is woefully incomplete. Considering that the OIG has somehow discovered 91 (currently) VAMCs where VA scheduling practices are “shady” but didn’t cause any death or permanent harm, one would expect to see the main characters in the Denver VAMC, the Columbia (SC) VAMC and a few others in the limelight. I guess I don’t know whether to cheer for Richard Griffin (Acting VA OIG grand poobah) and the fact that he was able to find his teeth this morning to brush them or cry because they bushwhacked his findings. What is disturbing is that he fears for his job and is willing to accept censorship or major alterations to his scathing indictment of the Phoenix VAMC and Sharon Helman. Independence at the OIG is a chimera. They all march to the beat of the same drummer-in lockstep. 

P.S. Update 9/13—- 94 VAMCs under suspicion.

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  1. hepper74 says:

    There is an abundance of information awaiting the avid reader on this blog. As for throwing away his intelligence I highly doubt that is the case under any circumstances.

  2. hepper74 says:

    How could we have expected anything different. “keep on expecting a different outcome and yet not learning to expect the same”. Absolutely mind blowing. No matter how many Flintstone BandAids they apply to the area the blood continues to pour.

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