POGORemember when I-never mind. I just want you to know I was wrong. I projected all fifty states would eventually be caught up in this deceptive business of screwing us Vets over. The POGO votes are not all counted yet so maybe the rest (15) will turn green too. I have no doubt. Those VA computer viruses are lethal.

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  1. Frank says:

    I don’t know what Mikey meant by “When you are rated number 500 out of a class of 500.” If he was talking about a VA doc, one of mine should have been rated 1000 out of a class of 500. She couldn’t even palpate “bony hard deep fibrotic scarring” from radiation therapy, even after I pointed it out to her. For a kicker, her exam results stood, and I lost SC %. With VA, you can’t just point out that a doc’s incompetent, you have to go to a real doc for another exam, and a report that’s merely in equipoise with the one by the quack. Thank God for “benefit of the doubt.”

  2. mikey says:

    I promise ya, you can color Idaho green. No one just hasn’t talked any vets.Patient advocate never answers the phone or returns messages. Staff is scared poopless to say anything. When you are rated number 500 out of a class of 500. You feel lucky the VA will hire you. You are allowed 20 deaths or 50 accidents before getting one negative demerit!I better stop at that, rumor has it people actually read stuff on this site!!! mikey

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