oig-sealVA has been hounded by untold stories of theft, diversion, cronyism, pharmacy thefts of drugs the old Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) folks used to call “hard-core narcotics” and on and on. You really don’t need to look further than the monthly VAOIG Rap sheet for what happened in the VA neighborhood. It’s like your local Police Blotter on steroids.

After the long winter of discontent over all the Vets and the VA employees in the Travel Offices being in cahoots, the OIG recommended some improvements in how the largesse was distributed. Keep in mind, somebody in DC had to dream this one up, too. The last time they did this, our mileage computed by Mapquest was replaced by a new program (Google Maps) that bends the known universe. I’m sure there’s some kickback there but have no proof. My reimbursement for travel dropped from $27.05 to $22.19. With the new addition of this form, it just went down to $16.41. Some day we’ll eventually have to pay them to travel to the VAMC if this keeps up.

At any rate, I had to pester them for the form as they had none in the box in hopes we can’t file. The booth bitch gave me exactly one copy. I suggested she give me more to restock the reservoir. Her response was “Absolutely not”. Unscrupulous Vets were taking numerous copies with them and left none for others. A further suggestion to put a note on the box instructing them to go see her was met with “If they want their money, they’ll figure it out.”

To avoid that consequence, I hereby offer the new one in .PDF. Simply print a copy and off you go. Mail it in and demand an additional 48¢ back for the postage.

VA form 10-3542 travel pay

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  1. bigsword13 says:

    ok, I’ll answer my question I posted earlier concerning mileage reimbursement to a Preferred Choice Provider. I just got off of the phone with the Boise VAMC travel office. Their response is: yes! All he asked is: if I got paid for travel before. So, there you have it. Cheers!

  2. bigsword13 says:

    Will the VA pay for mileage for a doctors visit using the Veterans Choice
    Program – Tri West?
    Thank you, for the copy of the mileage form, a

  3. RickB says:

    You know that plastic card they gave to you .. yea you remember the one that contains that mug shot of your kisser… yea you have it.. Well… why not have it were when you check in for your appointment and they swipe that card. the swipe would also automatically approve your travel pay. Just think if they did this you wouldn’t have to stand in line for the uneducated person to say to you do you have direct deposit?……. Of course that would make too much sense and put another useless VA employee out of work…. yea I know ….. work they don’t do anything now…

  4. kyemo says:

    Here, they want to do a direct drop to your bank account. No cash, no check. So if you havent the gas to get home, bring a pillow and blanket with you?

  5. azeejensmom says:

    I would add, “do not pass go unless you see the b-booth person and get your dough first” ~ seems they “lose” travel voucher slips faster than evidence these days.

    Next time, rather than stand in the forever line, I’ll use the CMRR requested method of submission. It’s an almost even exchange of funds received/paid however, the VA has to do their job and it’s worth the entire mickle.

  6. Susan Stinnett says:

    There is a simple solution, or I think there is. I know at the VA where we go there is a printer where you can check your appointments. Why couldn’t it print the number of forms needed for your appointments that month. If you had unscheduled trips only then would you have to ask for a form. This is completely offered as someone who has never filed so this may not be feasible.

  7. WGM says:

    The vA should be renamed University on Death Care, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.

  8. Frank says:

    Then there was “booth bitch” who paid my mileage to/from a C & P exam, but only the Interstate toll “to.”

    When I asked her for the $ for my return toll, she turned me down, saying: “How do we know you’ll go back the same way?”

    • Frank says:

      PS: Good thing it hasn’t occurred to VA yet to make us certify we actually reached home alive before they pay us the *return* mileage. 🙂

  9. mark says:

    Estimated Burden Time, LOVE IT

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