2014-07-04 15.57.28It’s a great title for a movie but I can’t get anyone over to pick them. You have no idea of the number of raspberries harmed in the production of this 10 lb. pile. Time to call the egg lady. I get a months supply of eggs out of it. These are for a 4th of July party. Cupcake insisted they all had to be large and “Martha Stewart” perfect.

2014-07-04 15.57.48Another trick I would be remiss in not sharing. If you want to keep the zucchini down to a dull roar and avoid vegetable overdose, pick it when it’s 4 inches long. It makes for killer stir fries. If one gets away from you and turns into a baseball bat, you donate it to the neighbors. Go ahead. Be a zucchini snob.

Happy 4th of July. This probably also marks the first day of the draft in 1776. I expect there were no “high” numbers back then.

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  1. dknees4 says:

    Ohhhh how I wish raspberries could be easily shipped…:(:(:(. I have burned myself out on cherries and need a switch. I have fruit/vegie farmers all around me but can’t locate one that grows raspberries. Stop making me drool cuz…!!!

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