News Flash: CNN–VA management not getting bonuses? Whoa…..

downloadI just checked the CNN app on my Android smartphone and breaking news (2-minutes) video/story caught me by surprise.

An audit of hundreds of Veterans Affairs facilities released Monday found that more than 63,000 veterans were waiting to be scheduled for care nationwide, and the Department of Veterans Affairs announced it was scrapping performance bonuses for all senior management in 2014 as part of its response to the review.

CNN has posted the audit as an interactive presentation that can be read and searched.  It is slow loading for me, possibly because the server is getting overloaded.


Do you think upper management should have to give back the performance bonuses they received for their previous crappy oversight?

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6 Responses to News Flash: CNN–VA management not getting bonuses? Whoa…..

  1. wynwn says:

    I won a Cue in 2012. The first thing VA did was recoup the severance pay I received upon losing a career. So, yes, I do believe that would be fair.

  2. Dick Richards says:

    As a VA employee I think it’s the right think to do. Executives rake in thousands while the rank and file get nothing. As a VA Police Officer we had to take it upon ourselves to get the word out about law enforcement week. Management never acknowledged it.

  3. kyemo says:

    Every penny. Every one. Who pays bonuses for poor service in the real world????

  4. Clear Left says:

    63,000 (?) waiting to be scheduled for healthcare. 63,000 out of 21,800,000+/- equals .003%. QUESTION – How did they determine the 63,000 figure? Were there phone calls to all 21,800,000? Was there a survey sent out that 63,000 Vets didn’t answer? Did someone just total all Vets in the system and subtract from the 21.8 mil? That 63,000 averages out to 1260 per state, are they the ones that want nothing to do with the VA? NOTE: If any of the above are the case the numbers are skewed and should read 62,999 because I neither received a phone call, survey, or utilize VA for any of my healthcare.

    Of those 21.8 Mil Vets there are 3.5 mil that are service connected disabled ( 0% – 100%). (Stats to be provided to NOD for posting)

    Of those 3.5mil, 14% are considered most severely disabled (90% – 100%).

    What is the REAL TRAVESTY is that over the last couple years 4,142 of those ‘most severely disabled’ were not provided the VA services that may have extended their lives or provided a much improved quality of life, ILP.

    Not to diminish anyone’s service, but those who suffer the most from service should be afforded that little extra.

    Just my 2 cents

  5. hepper74 says:

    As I sit here and weep profoundly for their loss of additional income I hope the money is used for other purposes which will not hit the headlines such as homelessness for Vets. If they pronounce that they are shifting the funds to those deserving assistance it may open another can of worms.

  6. mark says:

    About Fnnn TIME

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