This just in from Vermont.  Member Frank of syrup fame who still has irons in the BVA fire, was able to excavate this rare document from Senator Bernie Sanders’ garbage can out at the curb last Friday. While we frown on Gentle Readers pawing through another’s offal, sometimes the end justifies the means. 

We do hope he wore rubber gloves and employed hand sanitizer profusely as we value our readerships’ health. Thank you for your Service, Frank. Going above and beyond the call of duty is what our fight for truth, justice and medical care from the VA is all about. As we can see from this classified document, there is some confusion as to who’s flying the kite. I generally subscribe to the “follow the string” theory as it is invariably correct in identifying the miscreants, should there be any.

Again, Happy Memorial Day weekend. Pray for the General’s good health when you go to bed tonight. The last thing we need is a brand new VA Secretary to pretend to begin a brand new round of investigations. I trust the one we have to do right. I know he’s been inside the beltway too long, but he was a soldier once. I don’t think you or I forget that lightly. We’ve been cutting bait for too many years. Time to go fishing.

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