oigI searched and searched and couldn’t find anything about scheduling snafus and Veterans dieing in South Carolina. Seems there ought to be a column that says “# Vets who died awaiting appointments”. Unless, we mention the C-word. The dreaded conspiracy by an invisible Illuminati of VA bigwigs in DC who are conspiring to kill us all? It’s actually beginning to sound more plausible every day. I heard the VAMC “scheduling irregularities” extend now to 19 facilities. 

downloadGranted, Gen. Shinseki would like to think each and every one of these should be investigated individually but the common thread is now a herking series of ropes leading to DC. 19 different VISN chiefs didn’t simultaneously decide unilaterally to start cooking the books… ten years ago. This puppy has legs-more legs than a centipede. I’d go out on the little branches and venture that it was Bush’s fault somehow. Unfortunately this predates even him. It began in 1866 after the War of Northern Aggression. Everybody suddenly woke up and realized it last week. They actually started believing Doctors and nurses who came forward instead of VA Flacks and shills sent out to perform the Dog and Pony magic.

Whether this effects change or just becomes another hollow, meaningless chapter in our sad existence, we have a starting point to begin negotiating from. Hell, nobody even believed us before this.

Whoops. P.S. Here.

It’s twenty six now and I’m betting it’ll be more by the time I wake up tomorrow. What’s really scary is the guy slated to replace Dr. Pretzel. It’s Sharon Helman’s old boss,   Jeff Murawsky. Our esteemed President sees no reason to change his mind on Mr. Murawsky’s nomination. That, in itself, is perhaps part of the problem at the VA…

imagesYou can almost hear the Twilight Zone music in the background and Rod Serling’s lead in “Jeffrey Murawsky, a simple Joe down at the VA. What he doesn’t know is that his whole life is going to change shortly…”

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  1. Clear Left says:

    You looked in the wrong place…here there are…secret of course…
    Take the total ILP for FY 13 (1708), subtract from 2700 – annually authorized…
    that’s 992 died while waiting… cipher what percentage of those were awarded to SC

    Now you know ‘the rest of the story’.

    Simple just use WWP math

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