2014-05-15 17.21.42For two years running, members Leigh and Paul, long-suffering claimants of the VA, have sent me corn to plant. As I’m a sucker for new flavors, I tried to gin up about six last year with disastrous results. It seems you can’t just combine pollen from all those different flavors and get any appreciable action. Being a novitiate to corn science, I failed to read that part of the book. This year will be all Silver Queen and next year I will choose a new one. 

My favorites in the past have been Bodacious, Peaches and Creme and Golden Jubilee. Send me ideas for the 2015 season. Remember we have an abbreviated growing season here in Washington-or at least we did before Global Heating. It may be we can get some of that new VA corn that is reputed to only take 125 days and has a 98% chance of germinating correctly. They promise it will be ready for the 2015 season. It’s rumored that the new name for it is “Triple D” perhaps for their signature “delay, deny and then you die”.

As I promised Paul, wheels up and airborne was accomplished last night for a June 1 planting. Cupcake takes exception to me killing crows from the deck with a .22 when they start pulling up the starts. In order to please her, I start them in what limited space I have in the ‘greenhouse’.

2014-05-15 17.20.54

2014-05-15 17.21.08

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2 Responses to SILVER QUEEN DAY

  1. John McLean says:

    We also grew corn in Washington State several years ago, about 4 acres. Grew those very varieties which were delicious, and would highly recommend Candy Corn, as sweet as the name implies, we would eat it raw off the cob
    when we’d be out early morning harvesting for fresh market. Platinum Lady is another sweet & tender variety you should try ~ Happy gardening

  2. Clear Left says:

    must be something in the air over there….over there….send the word over there to beware…a greenhouse it’s not…yes a greenhouse it’s not…over there…

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