2014-05-15 17.23.04No thanks to the VA, I have managed to make the garden produce more than in years past in the summer. I attribute that to my erstwhile fertilizer production experts Dude and Wally. They have been performing yeoman-like service in their prodigious poop services. I expect the daily application of chemtrails and the global phenomenon of warmth every 25,000 years also is instrumental in this. I’m not picky-just thankful.

images (1)The Italian bib lettuce seeds are an interesting throwback to an old Vietnam friend who passed in 2009 from pancreatic cancer while I lay in the Seattle VAMC for a year. Lars was one of the Long Grey line who found himself running Huey missions in daily to Khe Sanh in January 68. What a shame he survived it (except for the bent brain syndrome) only to fall afoul of Agent Orange and the other lovely flavors.

Lars & family went to Europe in 08 for the Grand Tour and came home loaded with seeds. These were some that he provided. This spring, I found them in the seed box and couldn’t resist planting some. Lo and behold, they are still alive and well.


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  1. mark says:

    mmmm ChemTrail Lettuce, I cant wait.

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