A VA Dental Insurance experience

So far so good!  


Happy mouth!

My spouse decided to give the VA Delta Standard plan a try because he didn’t think he needed much work done this year.  The monthly premium for our region is $9.73 per month.  So far he’s had xrays, an exam and cleaning (free) and had two cavities filled.  This is a very basic plan and only pays 50% of the fillings’ costs.  We paid $68.20 and $77.20 for 2 fillings. He’ll get one more free cleaning/oral exam in 6 months.  The 2014 premiums will total $116.76.  We estimate paying $262.16 for dental care for the entire year including the annual premium. Without this plan we would have paid about $700.00 out-of-pocket for the year so we’re saving some cash. One thing that really surprised me was how fast Delta paid the claims.  The dentist was paid within two-weeks after providing the service!  Delta has a website where you can see the dates but not other details. I think that getting the two yearly oral exams (including cancer screening) is probably the most important health benefit from having dental insurance.  This basic plan is affordable enough to “gift” it to a veteran as well.   Dental care practices were  horrible in the 50s and 60s but it’s pretty good now even for phobics.  Anyone with a history of HCV will likely have had some problems with their mouths/teeth so this is something to consider. Here’s the link: VA Dental Insurance Program.  Have any tips to share? Ed. note: HCV and Interferon treatment are known to cause all manner of dental dilemmas so this is good news for many to look into. Thanks for the heads up. This is also a classic example of  how Vets learn to navigate the VA labyrinth.

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One Response to A VA Dental Insurance experience

  1. azeejensmom says:

    This is a great deal for spouses/children who need dental care. As we know, dental care can be spendy and many times is one of the health treatments we tend to “put off” in lieu of the basics such as medical care, food, and shelter. However, it is important to think of dental care as part of whole health care as many health conditions can be exacerbated and some begin with poor dental health.

    To be eligible for this benefit, our Veteran spouse or parent must be 100% service connected which we know entitles them to 100% dental care through the VA system. I might add that the VAMC dental center my Veteran spouse receives his dental care is top notch.

    We think it’s about time Veteran dependents are eligible for dental care, even if we do pay a premium and a percentage out of pocket and have an annual limit. We are saving enough by having the benefit to pay for the premiums.

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