va_turbineVA, always wanting to be in the forefront of anything to give them a better PR shot, recently (2011) decided to get into the Save the World mode and opted in with a shiny new wind turbine up in St. Cloud , Minnesota. The problem was they bought it from India. For this kind of money they could have gone American and purchased one by Solyndra. What the hey? They both don’t work so why not pay Americans to build a defective one? All this while they were supposed to be fixing VBMS and the backlog.


The funny thing is that in spite of when they do work, they are turning out to be eagle killers. Eagles hunt by looking down. They don’t dial in on that huge guillotine coming down from above. Seems facetious to have the eagle on your logo when you’re in the business of turning them into an extinct species again. Go figure.


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