vaoigHere’s this month’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) monthly mishaps. I get a bang out of each big nationwide investigation of every little nook and cranny Community Based Outpatient Clinic (VACBOC) and their “no-knock” sudden appearance at VAMCs. Each foray will always be a carbon copy of the one before. 2014 seems to be a big one for medications management, alcoholic identification of Veterans and suitable discipline (none) for miscreants. Their pursuit of criminals is legendary.

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  1. Walt says:

    Absolute power and authority corrupts and in government circles it remains that malfeasance is not a crime until identified by embarrassing authority, and the offender charged and prosecuted. The first secretary of the VA is buried in Arlington. This offender is just a littler lower on the pecking order than Parker, McGill, Prater and 27 of their cohorts. They should have checked his residence and back account for stashed funds.

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