BVA perpetual motion endeavor

BVA perpetual motion endeavor

As usual, the BVA has released their new, early 2014 decisions without creating a new “2014” category folder for them. They appear in the 2013 box and will be sorted out and segregated later. Additionally, they released some of their last moldy decisions from 2013 along with them. You’ll have to segregate the wheat from the chaff.

I jumped the gun on this back on Feb. 26 when the BVA let out what appeared to be the debut of the 2014 Board decisions.  Turns out it was the leftovers from 2013. However, now it’s official. The new 2014 box is firmly ensconced and a new batch of HCV decisions (102) have been posted. If you’ve been waiting to see yours, it should be there through about February 10th.

These are great tools for research as are the ones published daily during the week at the CAVC. They give us valuable insight on how to win our claims. Remember, this is where I got the idea to write my book from. After reading every decision from 1992 to 2010, I was able to formulate and discern the ploys they use and how they managed to confound us all and get away with it.

Use this as your imprimatur on how not to lose. Use it as your guide when looking for the perfect legal cite to defend your position. It’s like Cliff Notes for Claims and allows you to cut the corner of heavy duty legal research. Not all of us have access to the Veterans Benefits Manual or a subscription to Westlaw at $59.00 a minute. This is the poor Vets guide to kicking ass and taking names. It also is a wonderful manual for observing how they give us short shrift legally. Remember, of all these decisions you will read here this year, approximately 5,800 will be appealed to the CAVC. Of those, over 3,000 will be reversed, vacated, set aside and remanded for error. That’s a pretty miserable statistic to swallow. The reason is simple. A dog likes to please his master. The VASEC signs the BVA Veterans Law Judges’ paychecks as well as those of the Office of General Counsel. One doesn’t bite the hand that feeds him.

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4 Responses to BVA– NEW 2014 DECISIONS ARE OUT

  1. RickB says:

    I did notice one problem however when using the BVA web cite to print the decisions out.. They are formatted so that you must use their reader, because otherwise most will run of the right side of the screen. I also haven’t figured out how to print them so that they fit on a normal sheet of paper. Even when reducing them on the screen, when printed they run of the right side of the paper, so that too many words are lost and the decision is hard to understand.. anyone else have this problem? thanks

    • asknod says:

      At the bottom of each decision is the phrase “use our viewer”. If that gives you difficulty, try clicking on the link above it under the number of the decision and see if you have the problem. I use Google Chrome and do not have any issues.

      • RickB says:

        Thanks, I tired it with chrome, and as long as I click on the link and try to print it is fine, using the BVA viewer still doesn’t work if I want to print… More and more I am forced into using chrome because explorer has problems at lot…. I use to use Netscape, but that was years ago.

        • asknod says:

          Say what you will about Google being owned by the sand ranchers, that Chrome thing is pretty hard to beat. I switched over in 2010. It’s like having a HAL 8000 looking over your shoulder.

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