downloadHere’s a great site about Agent Orange. It’s unique in that some of the gentleman’s documents are not in circulation. This one is a classic example. While the site deals mostly with Guam and environs, there is some excellent source material for all of you to delve into on the six weedkillers. 

I’m quite fond of this one.

For all recommendations, the wash containing the diluted Orange, White, or Blue should, if possible, be diverted into pits or settling basins for incorporation into soil. It should not be directed into a stream or river.

It’s perfectly safe but we don’t advise brushing your teeth with it. The author of this site, Ralph Stanton, had this to say in an email below. I exercise my right to perform the Nixonian “expletive deleted” triage in order to keep the site a family one:

I just loaded up some of my best herb(icide) documents, some I haven’t loaded before. If you see anything you like, better go ahead and download them just in case. They called me and wanted me to take the site down, they said people were using the info to make up false claims. I told them to get        f —ed and hung up. I figure the safest thing I can do is get as much of the stuff out there to as many people as possible.  

P.S. the reference to the Rainbow is the six herbicides that were called the rainbow defoliants. The CHECO reports also contain a good accounting of this as well.

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2 Responses to RAINBOWS IN GUAM

  1. karen stern says:

    Anything new about Thailand exposure or have you heard of lawyers who are up to speed it in?

    • asknod says:

      Robert Walsh/ Battle Creek, Michigan is the chemical man on AO, JP-4/benzene and radiation. He’s had pretty good luck in all those areas. The only problem is you find out about the cancer about the time you’re retiring. He ends up with spouses after 10 years to a win.

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