downloadVeterans Administration psychiatrists are quick to tell you that Veterans, as a whole, are more prone to mental aberrations like being anally retentive, suffer obsessive compulsive disorder and antisocial, positively icky personalitites. Well, why wouldn’t they? Those are manifestations of personality disorders that, fortunately, do not have to be remunerated by VA. 

Nevertheless, these obsessive compulsive disorders have been known to have all manner of permutations. I take gardening. Some Veterans are anal purists like me and prefer their endeavors have identifiable characteristics. The flavor is radically different when condensed. Here are an example using apples. The bag on the left is exclusively Fuji towards the back of the orchard whereas on the right it is 100% pure, unadulterated Gravenstein applesauce from a tree with a generally good southern exposure in the waning days of summer.

2014-01-02 18.21.26

Or this, perhaps. Several different butternut squash flavors. The one on the left is called the common “Howard’s” . It’s probably from the Lord’s prayer. Remember that? When you were a kid and used to say it when the B40 went whooshing over your head?  Our Father who art in Heaven -Howard be thy name? The one on the right is the Divine- the smaller ones with those little green stripes.  They have so much sugar in them, I always think about building a still as in reduction and refinement into a more complex ethanol atom.

2014-01-02 18.22.37



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  1. dknees4 says:

    Me thinks your gray matter is casting about like a fly fishing pole…!!!! But, oddly enough, some of it makes sense……lol

  2. mark says:

    Ya sounds like me too, to bad THEY tried to blame Depression for 20 years when it was HEP C all along like I told THEM, psychiatrists are the Most Screwed up Bunch of People I have ever meant.
    Stay away from them and you will live longer.

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