downloadWhat we’ve all been waiting a long time for came true today. The FDA approved Sovaldi for production. Now to convince the government to buy it for me. With my luck and Obamacare, they’ll take the eugenics tack and say it’s simply too much to spend on a 62 year old Vet. 

As for VA coming up with Sovaldi any time soon, rots a ruck. They bought a trainload of Victrelis triple-drug cocktail at bargain basement prices. This was shortly after Gilead revealed they were coming out with a new regimen. No wonder VA got a deal on Telepravir. It was headed for extinction by then anyway. What’s the deal on buying old technology? They sewed Alloderm into me in 2010 even though it had been recalled in 2007. Seems they use up the old before they buy the new. At this rate, Vets can expect to see a generic Sovaldi by 2025.

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  1. Are there programs for a Non-Vet,My husband needs the drug and we do not have $1,000 to pay for a pill by no means,what is our solution? I thought there would be programs for those who need assistance,can you please help us…….Thank You J

  2. mark says:

    So, Will the Va Kick us off our rating, after we get Solaldi, even though Our health is gone for good, if the Hep is gone, what about all the other damage, from the INF, this should be interesting?

  3. Kiedove says:

    Well, I’m glad the research was done and is fruitful. Sofosbuvir will saves lives. The cost of $1,000 a pill is insane. Gilead is offering people who are not covered by ANY government health programs (such as VA, medicare, mediaid) a low co-pay.

    “The SOVALDI co-pay coupon program will cover the out-of-pocket costs of your SOVALDI prescriptions after you pay the first $5 per prescription fill, up to a maximum of 20% of the catalog price of a 12-week regimen of SOVALDI. The coupon can be applied to up to 6 fills.”

    I hope the company will get the word out to physicians because this is worth knowing about.

  4. mark says:

    WE will not get it thru the VA, that is a Given, THEY tried to push Telepravir on me last year at SFVA, even after I failed treatment 2 times, it gave me all kinds of life ending problems, Thank You VA I know you Love me. More IFN Please, you did not Kill me the first two times and I will not give you a Third try. They asked me why I have not came back to the Liver Clinic? I just looked at the Doc from Packastan and said Why You did not finish the Job Last Time?

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