download (3)Ooooh, baby. Now we’re hitting a thousand. Too bad this sweet thing lost her man but it shows you how to pick up the pieces when life hands you these lemons. What amazes me is how the VFW managed to shepherd this to the BVA without forgetting to file a VA 9 or if they mailed in all her filings. 

In addition, the claims file includes a March 1972 service treatment record (STR) which shows that the Veteran was given “5 cc of GG [gamma globulin] for “contact with hepatitis.” The STR does not contain any other information regarding the Veteran’s contact with hepatitis, including the details of the reported contact with hepatitis. There is also no medical evidence or opinion of record that addresses whether the Veteran’s hepatitis C is related to the in-service contact with hepatitis noted in the March 1972 STR.

Any port in a storm, right? If VFW got it done, then they deserve a warm welcome.

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  1. SPrice says:

    Yes, I happen to have one of those!

    Click to access canmedaj01638-0039.pdf

    It’s a paper called “Endemic viral hepatitis in U.S. soldiers: Causative factors and the effect of prophylactic gamma globulin” written by Dr Marcel E. Conrad, Director Division of Medicine, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, at the end of the paper, there’s a conversation between Dr Conrad and another doctor that mentions that the gamma globulin used in the 1960′s was made with blood from prisoners that had been pooled together and that it contained antibody to the Australian Antigen (in other words, some of the donors had had Hepatitis B). Let’s evesdrop on their conversation…..

    “Dr. Grady: Did your gamma globulin contain significant titres of HAA antibody?
    Dr. Conrad: Dr. Overby hasn’t told me the exact titres, but he tells me they were high when compared to those of conventional gamma globulin.
    Dr. Grady: In our collaborative study we used one lot which was collected by the Red Cross and had a titre of 1:64 by the hemagglutination-inhibition technique. In another study which we carried out in the transfusion situation, the globulin was prepared by Merck, Sharp and Dohme from a mixture qf plasmapheresed commercial and PRISON DONORS, fairly similar to the Hyland
    preparation and it had a titre in the low normal range.”

  2. Kiedove says:

    Link to citation?

  3. SPrice says:

    The gamma globulin was the hepatitis contact. Gamma globulin was made with blood…from prisoners.

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