downloadYes, folks. It’s time to find out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Did the BVA Veterans Law  judge indeed fall on his sword this time and grant what used to have to go through the Extraordinary Awards Process? We’ll just have to wait for the mail. I don’t mind telling you that when these things happen, Cupcake usually accuses me of having an affair with the Mail lady. But only when it’s BIG Decision Time. 

Fortunately, I just happened to polish the binoculars last, ah, yesterday and they’re positioned in the northwest corner overlooking the general vicinity of the mail box. I took the liberty of attaching a few trip flares to it, too,  in case she sneaks up on it. The remote motion sensor mounted inside the box that turns on the klaxon horn is probably just overkill. Being a former Cub Scout still runs in my blood. Yeah, and just because the mail lady only comes once a day doesn’t mean anything. Ever hear of special delivery?

BVA DECision 11-20-2013

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An epochal moment. Nineteen years, two hundred twenty four days after filing. My daughter was a junior in High School; my son in kindergarten.

VA backlog? What backlog?

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5 Responses to IT’S SHOWTIME. 1994?

  1. Bruce says:

    Congrats and maybe someday my EBenes status will look like yours.

  2. david j murphy says:

    Hope for the best. Good luck and best wishes NOD

  3. mark says:

    About time, NICE

  4. randy says:

    Whoopie! Good job. I am glad they persued this and came to a decision. By golly those guys are on top of things that is for sure. Seriously, NOD congrats.

  5. Kyle Workman says:

    Gees that’s what I call determination.

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