News Flash!!! NEW VA Dental Insurance Plans for veterans with Delta or Met Life!

Gee, the day is starting out good.  I emailed my DH’s dentist to find out much it would cost to pay cash for a cleaning and exam.  The answer: $245 with 3 x-rays if needed.  So back to dental insurance research.  



Then I found these brand new VA-sponsored plans for  veterans and dependents on Champa only. 

Coverage begins January 1, 2014. Enrollment began November 15. 

Press release:

Delta website

MetLife website:

In our zip code, Delta plans start at $9.73 mo. to $26.00 m. and Met Life’s plans are $21.80-$45.91.

If you have any thoughts about which plans give the most bang for your buck (considering your treatment plan and if your dentist participates) please share them with us at ASKNOD!  (Why did it take so long for the VA to partner with companies to offer approved dental plans?)

Ed. note. Way cool, Kiedove. Thanks for the research. HCVets need to know about the deleterious effects of HCV as well as Interferon on their teeth. It’s Hell’s bells for many. I came out of my one year incarceration at the Seattle VAMC with 21 cavities and had not had one in the prior to that in 30 years. Here’s something else a reader spotted:

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2 Responses to News Flash!!! NEW VA Dental Insurance Plans for veterans with Delta or Met Life!

  1. H. Round says:

    Monday July 28, 2014 Tampa, FL >>> Good information you posted on DELTA DENTAL.. Its hard to often find the full disclosure content vs. PR aka propaganda

    I heard about them Jan 2014 on a flyer on a desk in the Tampa VA. I called and asked a lot of tough Q. I also called several local dentists. … My out of pocket cost alone vs. buying dental insurance basic plain appears to be a winner. I will sign up..

  2. I have deltal dental through my retirement plan……..good luck finding a dentist who will take it…….you must fill out and submit the claim………get ready for deny dental…..

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