haditlogo2007By it’s very nature, Veterans Day has to be happy. Hell, we survived, right? Remember, they have the other Day in May for all of us who are room temperature. This is our day, and it should be relished and a pleasant experience. Member Frank who I am assiduously pursuing as a contributing editor, keeps inundating me in really good stories that beg to be published. If we can saddle him up and put on one of those “Author! Author!” nametags, we’d all be in high cotton around here. Somewhere  during my one year staycation at the VAMC up in Seattle,  I lost the typing use of the right ring and pinky fingers. Oh well. I look at it pragmatically and thank Howard I’m left handed.  

Frank’s contributions  in the last several days include these four links. Number 1 is the Vet on the freeway in Florida.

Number 2 is about Texas’ abominable stand on gay marriage. Hey, we all have our moral druthers but I believe that ship has sailed. This is neither here nor there. What people do with their lives is immaterial to me. I have enough trouble trying to “interpret” the signals Cupcake is sending me.

Number 3 is a sad tail of all those of us who zagged when we should have zigged. A Big Chicken Dinner (DD Form 258) or it’s equally ugly brother, the Dead Dog or Dishonorable (DD form 259) are part of the cross these Vets bear. Like leppers, they are cut off from the Mother VA.

Number 4 is the best, of course. Who wouldn’t relish surviving a war and living to be 107. Richard Overton, Jack Daniels looks good on you, boy.

Now, why I have to do his work escapes me.  Publishing a WordPress post is about as easy as falling off a sidewalk.

My grandson came over with my daughter to bring doughnuts and wish me a Happy VD. Conner and I snuck off to the lower pasture to shoot a .22 and enjoy the aroma of true male perfume- Eau D’stress. Gunpowder. It does smell like Victory. More so than Napalm in my mind. Robert Duvall must be partial to the smell of spilled diesel. This is what provoked my tardiness in publishing something today.

Grandson Conner also wanted to know more about Veterans and whether he could become one. I defer to his mom and dad on that one. The older we get,  the more we hum Peter, Paul and Mary’s seminal “Where have all the Flowers Gone” and “The Answer is Blowin’ In the Wind”. How do you explain the concept of

Yes, how many times must the cannon balls fly

Before they’re forever banned ?

Don’t mistake me for a pacifist. I’m not. When you are ten, you have your whole life before you spread out like a Rand McNally with untold roads to go down. Joining the service is one of the earlier choices, I explained, and suggested it must be done like Cub Scouts- when you’re fifty, you can’t suddenly decide you want to do it. It’s a defining life moment when you sign your life away to someone else like indentured servitude. Considering only seven percent of us choose this option in our lifetime, it makes for a rather closed set of integers as mathematicians are wont to say.

Over the last five Veterans Days, I have ruminated on some of the different facets of being a Veteran. In all of them I struck a rather staid, patriotic subject.  As you know, too,  I have that incurable April Fool’s humor that is caused by being born on the day. Cupcake agrees with the doctor and calls it Tourette’s syndrome. Why else would I have chosen WWVD (What Would a Vet Do) as my first choice for this site in 2008? Fortunately saner heads prevailed. Nevertheless, humor is an essential component of life to me. All drudgery and 4138s without a Tickle Me Elmo© sticker in the upper left on my NODs to VA would be a day without sunshine.

I wish to commend, thank and congratulate the 44 of you who came here over the last five years and carved out a win. You fought well and were rewarded. Pecuniously, yes, but you knew that going in. Beating the VA at their rigged poker game is no easy feat as most of you can testify to. You have earned the bragging rights.  We have only had two losses, both due to credibility issues. When your records say one thing and you say another, there better be a good explanation. Even so, some of you with what we call “Imperial Entanglements of the drug kind” have won so it is not impossible.

Our ranks have shrunk by two- John Bisig and Gary Lupole both passed in 2011. We honor their memory.

In the upper right, you will notice the Hadit.com logo has been added with the permission of the owner (Tbird). Clicking on the image will take you to their Home Page. Today is a propitious one to insert it. They have excellent advice on a wide range of subjects and many knowledgeable Moderators/Administrators that can steer you in the right direction. That’s the beauty of this internet. There are no more dark corners at the VA anymore. Tbird makes me look like a rank amateur at this business. She had the vision to begin her quest for us decades ago in the earliest dawn of computerland. I, on the other hand, didn’t even know how to turn one on until 2007 when I became so sick I had nothing better to do.

Lastly, I am going to divulge one of my Man Secrets to all of you guys today. Here’s a little trick that will be more useful to younger Vets. This is the only reason why I’m willing to part company with the knowledge- I want to pass it on. Veterans are good with numbers so this will fit right in. When you finally get ready to get married or have kids, always chose a static day that is easy to remember. Plan ahead. This is tricky,  My father passed it on to me. It will pay off in spades and your spouse will get all warm and fuzzy and  always wonder how you can be so , well, perfect in a word. For example, I married Cupcake on December 8th. With all the hoopla that surrounds Pearl Harbor Day, you simply can’t step on your necktie on this one. My father was a far thinker too and simply added nine months gestation to his day of intimacy to arrive at April Fool’s day for my birthday. If you think it’s a fluke, my older sister was born on his birthday and my eldest sister was born on my Uncle’s birthday. Try topping that one. I expect all fighter pilots are good at this. It must have something to do with deflection shooting and leading the target.


Dad in WR-F ‘Down For Double’
circa May 1945

Well, that wraps up another Veterans Day. I hope it has been enjoyable and rewarding. I know full well that for some of you the cup is half full or better today. We are alive and we celebrate it. We, the proud 7%. One hundred bucks says testosterone was probably to blame for it. Either that or for the reason I had to. But that’s another story for another Veterans Day. I wish to thank each and every one of you for being so unselfish with your time that you managed to squeeze in 3, 4 or even 20 or more years to ensure America’s greatness. That sounds and conveys a more genuine sentiment than TY4YS.

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3 Responses to HAPPY VETS DAY

  1. randy says:

    They say that inspiration comes from many sources and you sir are one of the reasons I continued onward with renewed vigor and beat them at their own game. Happy Veterans Day to all who read, write and contribute to this blog. To the newer arrivals stay the course and remember that sometimes we do not sugar coat the future aspects of your course but we will never lie or point you in a direction detrimental to your case.

  2. Paul & Leigh says:

    A, You are so great with words THANK YOU for ALL that YOU DO for US

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