images (1)Maple member of Vermont Frank sends us this news regarding Starbucks® which certainly bodes well for Vets. The military turns you into a killing machine so it stands to reason you should be adept at creating killer coffee, right? 

At any rate, this certainly bodes well for many newly minted Vets who are wondering where their future lies. The new employment paradigm these days seems to be less jobs with less full-time employment in a concerted effort to avoid having to pay for medical care under the new ACA. Fortunately, Starbucks has not followed suit and, in fact, moved in the opposite direction. Veterans could do far worse (read Mickey D’s) for a future with one company. Even if it is a stepping stone, no one looks down on a barista. They are an artist in their own right who works with a liquid medium as opposed to a canvas.  With all due respect to burger flippers, it’s hard to make an artistic statement with a Big Mac. Yours never look like the one in the picture there.


mine are vertically challenged compared to this.

As an added bonus, this offer extends to military spouses which will help dramatically on extended deployments. Income in the military is not exactly magnanimous so any extra is a welcome addition for these spouses (both male and female). A warm thank you to Starbucks personnel the next time you are there would be in order. What the hey? Ask them if they’re a Vet. As members of the 7% club, we should be inordinately proud of our contribution to America. Show that same appreciation next Monday if you find yourself there.

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7 Responses to STARBUCKS® TO HIRE 10,000 VETS

  1. Kiedove says:

    Looks like they have a decent benefit plan–and jobs in administration and stores. Starbucks sells quality products so I think it this could be a great opportunity for veterans/spouses.

    Click to access c6a87a50830842fb8d68f93f1cf9287b.pdf

  2. karen stern says:

    If you think you need to take a gun to Starbucks, then i am scared.

    • asknod says:

      Agreed. I don’t go to Starbux. But we did have 4 cops killed at a Forza coffee shop in Tacoma last year and they were all armed. The trick is to always have a plan-armed or unarmed.

    • Don’t get out much? I carry wherever I go — except when going to the VA, the feds have issues with people who they trained to shoot full-up rock n’ roll machinery carrying a wee .45 ACP for personal defense. And, yes, you should be scared. As countless senseless shootings all across the US show, the US is NOT a safe place to live. Not that I’m the danger, it’s the real nutters that concern me. I’ve not had to shoot anyone, but it’s early in the day, and I may need to go out in public. Maybe even Starbucks. Not that they’ll know I’m packing. In this state, you aren’t allowed to let anyone know you are carrying concealed, so how could they tell? They can’t. Neither can anyone else.

  3. Kate Donnelly left a comment on Facebook, and copied to the AskNod wordpress for greater exposure.

    Be aware, Starbucks isn’t too keen if you pack heat. While they have no outright ban of weapons on their property, they would prefer you don’t have the means to protect yourself or others if things go pear-shaped in the store. This policy has been in effect since September and was widely reported in the mainstream media. An example is:

    Starbucks says guns are no longer welcome in its cafes, though it stopped short of a ban

    Starbucks thrust itself deeper into the U.S. debate over guns, with CEO Howard Schultz saying the coffee giant wants firearm owners to stop carrying their weapons in its stores.

    • asknod says:

      Interesting rejoinder. Here in the “other” Washington on the Left Coast, Westworld rules still apply. Our law says only the State Legislature can dictate where (or where not) you may carry. We are archaic in another respect insofar as we still allow open carry. This is different from “California-style” where you are not allowed to actually carry it loaded. As long as the hammer is resting on an empty chamber (revolver) or there is none in the spout (pistol), it is legal. This is what Starbucks finds offensive. I much prefer to wear mine concealed as the element of surprise is far more amusing when a potential criminal discovers he isn’t the only one packing. I’ve only had that honor once in a dark alley and the perp’s conflusticated look was priceless. Rocks, paper, knife…GUN?

  4. Reblogged this on Political Baseballs and commented:
    I’m not really a fan of the coffee. But hey, if they’re willing to do a small part to help a guy out…

    I’ll take a vente double latte, please. Just hold the foo-foo stuff. 🙂

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