downloadWe had expected glowing reports this Friday after the FDA review of the new HCV Gilead drug Sofosbuvir. What, then, to our utter surprise than to spot this promising FDA blurb today- three days prior to the upcoming FDA discourse. Whooo-doggies. By the way, the stock closed this afternoon at $69.01. Smokin’.

Nod’s suggestion.  Ugggh! Buy stock. Nod take protein pill.  Nod put helmet on and tighten safety belt. Nod like grape-flavored Sofosbuvir.

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  1. david j murphy says:

    Prayers for NOD. Hang on

  2. asknod says:

    Lawrence, trust me when I say I am so glad to hear that. I hit 104.5 degrees F. about 8 hrs after my first dose of bug juice in 2007. This is my last hope with AIH and no transplant future.

  3. Lawrence Gwinn says:

    It worked for me, I went to zero in one week with no side effect. Now, I in the long term study for any side effects. It was the first treatment that worked and I have been on them all!

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