Will Veterans’ benefits be delayed in November?

downloadIf the debt ceiling isn’t raised, and the shutdown ended, this IS a likely possibility according to Sec. Lew testifying before the Senate Finance Committee today.  The story is reported by Fox news and other outlets.  

VA Secretary Shinseki also testified before the House Veterans Committee.  According to Huffington Report (with brief video), he told them that

“about 3.8 million veterans will not receive disability compensation next month if the partial government shutdown continues into late October,  Some 315,000 veterans and 202,000 surviving spouses and dependents will see pension payments stopped.”

About half of the Veterans Committee voted for the shutdown, as I reported in a different angry and controversial post.  I don’t know if Sec. Shinseki was able to sway the shut-it-down crowd.

Sec. Lew also warned about Social Security. Yes, the so-called inviolate program.  When this fiasco started, the pundits said that Social Security checks were not delayed during  the last shutdown 17 years ago.  Well, that was then, this is now! Surprise, surprise.  Social Security checks may also be delayed.  And active military pay and Medicare payments to providers.

The VA HUD has just released some vouchers for homeless vets.  But HUD is basically shut down (only a few hundred working–they’re getting a paid time off). I guess it’s the cardboard condos for another winter.  Death benefits?  Who knows?


tick tock, tick tock to
Oct. 17

Oh, wait…the Vermont VARO might issue vets there a tent if they have any extras to go around!     

Some in Congress think this is all very exciting.   Masters of D.C., so right in their convictions.  They are able to assert their power over people–Elderly people who built this country.  All ages who protected this country.  I have never heard so much malarkey–from both sides–coming out of Washington as in the last 10 days.  I am sure, that going forward, the House Veterans Affairs Committee votes need to be scrutinized.

Note:  The opinions are my own and should not be construed to represent the publisher of ASKNOD.


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3 Responses to Will Veterans’ benefits be delayed in November?

  1. mark says:

    The Fed Res runs out on Xmas eve There 100 Year charter, I Think They will crash the system to bring in the New Currency, The Fed Is Not Of Our Government, They are a offshore Bunch of Bankers NOT from the US,Perfect time to bring in the New Order, or Order out of Caous , Thats how They run the Show. This is about raising the Debit, so They can buy back our country for penny on the dollar, just look at Greese , same thing is going on here. Make it so Bad we will do anything, They will come in with the answer and We will take it, So its Obummer care or NO Checks. They do not work for US, They Work for the Banking Cartal. starting to see it Yet?

  2. Stephen Wilson says:

    FYI: Sec/Gen Shenseki appeared before the House Veteran’s Committee Wedensday on C-SPAN2.

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