C-Span link to Sec. Shinseki’s testimony

1shinsekiThanks to  reader Steve W. who shared this information.  I haven’t watched it yet to comment. The blurb says

In his opening statement, Sec. Shinseki told the committee that he would be unable to issue benefits checks on November 1, if the government has not reopened by that time. He noted that many of his furloughed employees are Veterans, so not only are they not receiving a paycheck, but now their disability benefits may be in jeopardy.

 C-Span Link

The committee will be playing to the cameras and veteran voters.  But their actions with regard to the shutdown in the next few days will speak louder than words.  Which ones are allies?  Which ones are enemies?


Update:  I’ve watched for 1 hour.  Eric has made it clear that 5.18 million beneficiaries will NOT get their checks on 11/1/13 if this shutdown continues into late October because of the “burn rate” in the account that pays them.  This includes ALL compensation payments including 100% disabled veterans, survivors, children, pensioners, educational benefits, rehabilitation benefits.  He said that a large portion of beneficiaries are “lower-waged” and “in need of our help.”  Chairman Jeff Miller (FL-01) made an extremely insulting question/remark about veterans whose claims include “shaving bumps, or sleep apnea and hemorrhoids”–at around 1:02:00.   Sec. Shinseki didn’t take the bait.  He’s actually doing a pretty good job explaining the situation.  The VHA portion of the VA budget (80%) received advanced funding in October 1 so the medical services will continue.

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5 Responses to C-Span link to Sec. Shinseki’s testimony

  1. Charles Pete says:

    In addition to my earlier e-mail I have nerve problems!!! My claim #23-648-137. Also i just received à letter stating i owe the VA because they gave me an entitlement in error 743.00 dollars! I dont know what for. I néed back surgery and my wife just had à Aneurysm. I cant afford this!!!! my phone # is 832-397-9431!! Vietnam and Iran Hostage Crisis Vétéran

  2. Charles Pete says:

    I wrote à letter to director shisinski of the VA about my Two clairs and never received à reply from him!!! How can he state he cares about Vets? Its veen three week or longer!!! I have PTSD, Fibromiaga, Neuropathy, restless leg syndrome. I served in the most heavily spread zone in Vietnam (1966-67) and have veen denied Agent Orange. benefits..

  3. Rob says:

    They need to change the USA’s Capital elsewhere to a place where people actually do work for others!!!!! Its time folks to change ALL these jokers up there and quit electing these attorneys and its time to put people who do real work for a living up there. I am sick of the apathy with our Federal Government and we would be better of if our own states ran things…

  4. mark says:

    They doing care about US

  5. asknod says:

    Playing to the cameras in DC has been elevated to an art form. A masterpiece of understatement.

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