downloadWonder Bread has won the contract with the Federal Government to provide fresh, highly enriched protein bread for our troops in Afghanistan. Starting in early September, in an effort to comply with Sequestration goals, hot meals were reduced from three to twice daily. However, with the government shutdown and the annoying habit of protein-starved soldiers keeling over at the most inopportune times in combat, a new contract was let for a man-portable source of ‘to-go’ food high in protein. Wonder Bread promptly stepped into the breach with their new PRObread®. Guaranteed analysis confirms their contention that the protein content seems to be consistent but some have noticed uneven distribution within the loaf. Quality control technicians say they have identified the problem and newer production will incorporate the changes.

We were able to sneak on to Joint Base Lewis McChord and photographed a loaf of this amazing new product (below) being loaded on to C-17s for departure to Kandahar. To everyone’s amazement, Wonder was able to bring this new product to market rapidly with only minimal Research and Development costs and at many dollars per loaf cheaper than their nearest competitor. No word on what the troops think about it yet. We’ll keep you informed.


Troops have nicknamed
this ‘rat rations’.

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  1. Randy says:

    Does Wonders for your appetite!

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