Eeny meeny miny mo Pick a rater -let him go

Eeny meeny miny mo
Pick a rater -let him go

In a rare stroke of luck for the Department of Veterans Affairs, meeting their date of a 0% backlog in 2015 just got a reprieve. This actually couldn’t have happened at a more propitious time for the good general. In an act of celebration, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki sent over 7,000 rank and file VBA employees home while keeping all the gin-swilling higher ups on full salary ahead mode. In addition, not to be outdone, the good general dug deep into the furlough barrel and laid off almost another 3 thousand immersed in converting over Regional Offices to the Veterans Benefits Management Service (VBMS). Fortunately, since it doesn’t work anyway, this actually represents a huge savings for VA because they won’t be lying around scratching their heads and updating their Facebook page on the Veterans’ dime. 

I guess this means we can all expect that it will be several years before things get back to normal and it won’t be VA’s fault. Small consolation for trying to…to… what? Play chicken and see who will blink first? Only in America. The good news is that the Andrews AFB and Camp David golf courses (and their employees) were spared being furloughed so the greens and fairways won’t go to seed or unmowed. Appearances are everything.


Andrew AFB and the latest negotiations

Of course, we’d much rather being seeing this:


Two stroke penalty for abandoning
putt and walking off the green

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  1. Abby Coleman says:

    The BVA is still operating during the shutdown although no decisions are being mailed because mail services have been suspended. Once the shutdown is over all decisions made during the shutdown will be mailed.

    • asknod says:

      Roger that, Abby. The BVA is indeed processing appeals;the judges and their staff attorneys are hard at work (with pay). The concern is focused on the 7,000 AFGE Regional Office employees and the other 2,754 souls who are on unpaid leave from Rob Worley’s Office of Information Technology who won’t be there today, tomorrow or any day soon until this is over. Remember, OIT is the VBMS conversion crew. This, Amy, will slow down the claims process as endless claims pile up at VAROs at all 58 locations. I say 58 as I consider the Black Hole (the Appeals Management Center over on Eye Street) as one too. This will inevitably push out the eventual inauguration of the promised 2015 “125 day/98% accuracy” promise. That was the thrust of the post at any rate. The views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views of the Management or Cupcake..

  2. Bruce says:

    I heard that they let all the DRO’s and appeals people go. We wont miss them that much anyways cause they dont do jack shit!

  3. Randy says:

    I’m sure that the BVA emploees will do the right thing and work during the furlough don’t you? I doubt that much is happening right now on any claims although they profess to just the opposite.

  4. karen stern says:

    Another Aw Shit

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