video-retro-report-walter-reed-videoLargeMember Frank sends us this missive and link to the neverending Walter Reed imbroglio that’s comparable to the erstwhile cockroaches of Hiroshima. It won’t die or go away nor will it resolve any time soon. When you choose to become bellicose and partake of wars, it should come as no great surprise that there will be repercussions. 

As the author, Mr. Winerip, points out, the life expectancy of soldiers from the latest conflagration in Southwest Asia is greatly improved over our last major conflict that generated even near this many casualties. Small comfort to the Sgt. Shannons of America.

As he told Retro Report: “It just missed the bridge of my nose and exited over my left ear. And it took all this bone and everything with it — and, of course, my left eye it took with it.”

He was medevaced out of Iraq, but only nine days after his near-fatal injury, the Walter Reed staff discharged him into outpatient status.

This almost sounds like the miracle of VA medicine I experienced in 2009.

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