Squarebob Pumpkinpants 002It is with great pleasure that I introduce my new BFF Squarebob Pumpkinpants and his playmates. They have been long in the growing and if not for Rick of Stardust Radio fame, the idea for Squarebob would not have arisen. Thank you Rick. Next year I’m going for pentagons and more. Round pumpkins are soon going to be passé.

Here’s the rest of the crew.

Squarebob Pumpkinpants 003

Squarebob Pumpkinpants 001Remember, a left click with your cursor on the picture magnifies it tenfold and a second click does even more. You can thank Cupcake for the plethora of sizes and colors. This has something to do with accessorizing. I’m not dialed in on that yet as I haven’t discovered how to wear pumpkins.

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  1. karen stern says:

    I Love SquareBob! And, thank you Cupcake for accessorizing!

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