CNN: VA disability payments could stop if shutdown is long

imagesYesterday I emailed our representative to protest his anti-Affordable Care Act position and the possible government shutdown.  I pointed out that disabled veterans who were denied disability benefits (over 80%) are not eligible for VA health care if they are over the $80,000 income and asset limits.  Their only option is a high risk plan.  

Then I read this alarming article:

The Department of Veterans Affairs clarified itself Saturday, saying that if a government shutdown occurs, and lasts at least a month, not all compensation and pension payments would continue.

“Those benefits are provided through appropriated mandatory funding, and that funding will run out by late October. At that point, VA will be unable to make any payments,” spokeswoman Victoria Dillon said in a statement to CNN.   … Among the benefits in question would be disability and GI Bill payments.

Will active service members get paid?  Military-TabMaybe.

The VA has published some information:

Veterans Guide to Government Shutdown with a 2-page PDF that outlines the services that will be impacted:

VA Contingency Plan* Agency Operations in the Absence of

Certain House members are the culprits in this nasty drama.  The House VA website is silent on the shutdown.  News outlets are picking up the story slowly.  Our influence counts but only if they hear from us.

Ed. Note: I got an email giving me a brief on the BVA in DC. Seems they’ll (VLJs)keep on keepin’ on in ex parte chambers as it were but the little people will be laid off. Hence, no more BVA decisions issued until the impasse is surmounted.

In order to cast some humor on this, when the budget is approved, think of it as constipation with a vigorous application of Ex-Lax ®. There will instantly (in VA time) be a plethora of new decisions seemingly simultaneously. I read that as “Warning. Decisions are closer than they appear in mirror.” CNN was always one of those rather dramatic  news organizations with doomsday prediction scenarios of “What if?” Actually, I’m somewhat surprised FOX didn’t beat them to it. Too much focus on the TEA party and with good cause. But then that is why we do not discuss politics here because someone, somewhere, will take umbrage and voice their opinion and then we have mayhem. So, all the parties have been represented and identified. They comprise America. A loud, raucous cacophony of democracy. A Baskin and Robbins of ideologies. This will be interesting to watch- as long as the game of brinksmanship doesn’t continue too long.

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2 Responses to CNN: VA disability payments could stop if shutdown is long

  1. karen stern says:

    Don’t blame this on Obama..even the majority of Republicans don’t want the shutdown.

  2. mark says:

    They are Faking it, unless THEY want civil War, so its Obummer NO CARE or NO PAY, What kind of Bull crap is that, Boy the Fed Res is doing a great job of screwing us, and That is who is behind this the Money Changers like all ways. Wake Up America, look WHO is in charge of our Country, its NOT Americans.

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