Many of you come here and ask what to do about being SVR (cured of HCV) and blind… or with DM2, or with thyroid problems. etc. etc. Why does VA abandon us as soon as we are “cured” and ignore the secondaries? Their attitude is remarkably similar to what they are doing to the AO Prostate surgery Vets. After a year at 100% following the surgery it’s Bingo-0%. Yeppers, dude. You’re cured. You don’t have cancer or peeing in the pants syndrome anymore hence there is no reason to continue to remunerate you. Rise, Lazarus.

HCV patients like Malcolm in the Middle are caught in this quandary. I received this article from our latest medical member Jules who is versed in the medical arts and will be adding to Dr. Bennett Cecil’s valuable nexus work for HCV Vets.  It’s articles like this that provide a one stop shopping venue for all things HCV in the pursuit of VA claims. We don’t claim to have everything and you guys and gals send us valuable stuff to catalogue. I cannot thank you enough. It’s what make this a much better site for VA claims on HCV/AO issues. Always remember. This is your site. It isn’t about me. I’ll be gone some day and others will fill my shoes. Eventually science will conquer this disease and we’ll become a footnote in history like polio. Until that day, we’ll strive to put up information that will get you from A to B.


What encourages me the most is the camaraderie among Veterans that permits all former service members to set aside their former affiliation (branch of service) and join as one in this fight. No one here holds it against you if you were stupid enough to get sucked in by that recruiter who said  “Be all you can be” or Join the Navy and see the world”. Since I have some really good Marine friends, I won’t go into the sadomasochism diatribe. I know. You probably wanted  to be in the Air Force. Shoot, Bubba- everyone did. Why walk or sail when you could fly? Why throw a M-26 when you could hit the pickle button and release 670 of them from 1500 ASL?

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