Grandpa used to say that trees are just like corn but fortunately it doesn’t take 40 years to produce results or a body would only get this treat once or twice in a lifetime.

Above is the Silver Queen on top, flanked in front and behind by Jubilee. In the foreground is Peaches and Cream. Underneath the Silverqueen (invisible) is an ear of Kandy Korn. Fukushima has been berry, bery good indeed. As for those yellow kernels in the SQ, with as many flavors as I have in the garden, it is no surprise. They were invisible until we cooked it.

A warm thank you to Leigh and Paul for sharing this opportunity with me. Hopefully, Leigh will be up and back in the saddle next year and doing this herself. Remember she has kids to take care of on top of a brand new liver transplant. Paul is doing all he can to help but the VA isn’t. After two years now, she had to file her Writ of Mandamus just to get her C-file. More on that next month when we hear the VASEC’s explanation of what the delay is…

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2 Responses to LEIGH’S CORN

  1. Kiedove says:

    That looks absolutely delicious.

    Leigh, what reason does the RO give for not providing a copy of the C-file?

  2. Paul & leigh says:

    I sure hope it taste as good as it looks THE MAN with the green hands , and they said Silver Q would not do so good on left coast

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