Holy carcinogenic crap, Batman. Say it ain’t so. From the BVA archives comes this 2013 gemstone. With an attorney no less, this Vet may have a problem. Let’s recite this one more time for all the hard of hearing. HCV is caused by a v-i-r-u-s. Carcinogens cause cancer, not HCV. Carcinogens are responsible for many things in life. This is where two-headed cows and frogs come from. It is not sprayed out of military aircraft in the form of chemtrails. I know there are a lot of you out there convinced that it’s a vast right wing conspiracy being run out of a bait shop down on the Buffalo river near the Whitewater Estates that were being hawked by Bill and Hill back in the eighties.

With regard to the issue of entitlement to service connection for hepatitis C, the Board also finds that a remand is required in order to afford the Veteran a VA examination so as to determine the etiology of his hepatitis C. In this regard, VA treatment records show that the Veteran was first diagnosed with hepatitis C in June 2007. The Veteran contends that he was provided vaccinations during his active military service. At his Board hearing, the Veteran testified that these vaccinations were provided by air guns and several service members received vaccinations from the same air guns. The Veteran also testified that he shared toothbrushes and razors during his military service which may have been contaminated with hepatitis C. Additionally, he further alleges that he had dental procedures performed during service where the dentist did not use protective gloves and the equipment was not properly sanitized. Finally, in August 2012, the Veteran claimed that his hepatitis C was the result of contaminated water at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, from January 1982 to July 1982.

Some will insist it is a government conspiracy to reduce the world population. If that were the case, they look pretty stupid. HCV is declining in America because the CDC and NIH are busy writing new rules on hygiene.  Actually, the only place where the incidence of infection by HCV is going up nationally is at VAMCs. Besides, the government can’t do anything successfully. How would they ever conceal a huge coverup? Think Benghazi. Think IRS.

Nope. The sad truth is you didn’t get it from drinking water out of “buffalo tanks” formerly used in Vietnam. You didn’t get it from C rations. You didn’t get it from Camp Lejeune water. You didn’t get it from drinking beer in Saigon. The Viet Cong did not coat their punji sticks with it. The ladies of the evening in Cholon were not pre-infected with it before we arrived in large numbers in 1965. You did not get it from Agent Orange. You got it from your blood coming in contact with the infected blood of another infected soul. Period.

Some will take the less-traveled path and claim alien abduction from their fire base on Hill 861 near Khe Sanh. No dice. An AmLeg bartender (and former Marine) tried that one. Read about the winners to see how this is done.



The important thing to realize in all this is actually very simple. It makes no difference how you got it. If you can prove it occurred in the military by a doctor writing you a letter declaring it so, then you win, or will eventually, assuming you aren’t going the incredible routes mentioned above.cj

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  1. Kel says:

    How about a ‘Sharknado’?

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  3. Randy says:

    Can you catch it from sharing matchsticks? Humorous read though.

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