The reason for this journey became obvious when I was filing for my VA claim. I had hoped to get a pilot I flew with to give me a Buddy statement attesting to my GSW and   transfusion up in Laos. I subsequently ended up in a hospital 89 days later. Lt. Engle (Chuck) augered in 2 days before I was discharged and I never found him again. Cupcake suggested googling his name in early 2008. I found him on the Wall. The need to pay my last respects became apparent immediately but getting there became impossible after I got sick. Following my escape from the Seattle VAMC hospital vacation in 2010, we planned this for when my health returned. The discovery of Hugfest made it a natural twofer.

Wheels up over Mt. Rainier

Hugfest 2013 Indiana 006

Summer of 1970

Ravens September, 1970 LS 20A Long Tieng, Laos

Chuck with white hat in hand under prop hub. Long Tieng, Laos (LS 20 A)

Reunited forty two years later in Winchester, Indiana

Hugfest 2013 Indiana 029

Hugfest 2013 Indiana 001

A beer for Chuck

Chuck preferred Chivas Regal but Thailand doesn’t make any.

Hugfest 2013 Indiana 026 With that Frag Order completed, it was off to the fest. For those of you who couldn’t attend, I attach a few of the great moments of the event. This was a first for Cupcake and me. I hope my health will permit  many more.

Rick Townsend of Stardust Radio fame and me.

Rick Townsend of Stardust Radio fame and me.

More cheese, please!

More cheese, please!

Too much cheese. I think everyone must have driven there through Wisconsin.

Too much cheese. I think everyone must have driven there through Wisconsin.

Hugfest 2013 Indiana 084


There seems to have been a slight misunderstanding about who was going to bring cheese this year. I think more communication would be in order to avoid the deleterious effects of constipation next year. Rick is free to bring his Jalapeno cheese bread and construct it on site. Whoever brought that red hot cheese that made things dicey on the pot is strictly forbidden from bringing more than a pound of it again. As for the myriad Monterey Jacks, extra sharps and the other fifty flavors, perhaps a few pounds less of each would be in order. And contrary to popular belief, cheese does not compliment French toast, Dave.

Hugfest 2013 Indiana 037

Veteran hugfesters ensconced nearby

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3 Responses to HUGFEST PHOTOS

  1. asknod says:

    With luck, both of you can do this next year. Eat, hug, sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  2. Kiedove says:

    Thanks for telling us a little about Chuck so we can remember him too.

    Re: Hugfest–glad it didn’t rain every day. Ha, ha. plenty of artery-clogging yummy cheese. Great cabins and friendly faces.

  3. hepsick says:

    NICE, Wish I was There.

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