Member Kel sends me this link to another Veterans web site. I attach the link here because I am concerned that Veterans with HCV might get the idea (misconception) that the only way they could have been infected with HCV was via drugs.

I am fascinated with their site because they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to dissuade Veterans from filing for this disease. No less than a former VA employee yammers on about the impossibility of this infection vector. How he comports his theory with the DoD discontinuing the usage of jetguns in 1998 is tainted by his experience with his sibling. I feel sorry for him but that should not color his perceptions of what medical science has found to be true. The Flat Earth Society must be alive and well there, too.

Even now, the CDC has come out publicly and said as much in no uncertain terms. Jetguns spread blood-borne diseases. They are inherently unsanitary and cannot be made otherwise. Even the newer ones with single-dose vials still experience contamination after even one use. Use VBN’s search bar on the site and see how wide the river of denial actually is. It’s unfortunate that so much misinformation and rumor is still afoot in the twenty first century.

Fortunately, we do not try to force-feed you our opinions here. We are adults and believe everyone is allowed to make up their own minds based on the available evidence. It would seem that there is an agenda afoot there to squelch proven medical science and return to the stone age of bleeding and leeches. More’s the pity. Veterans deserve to know the truth. I find no joy in denigrating a fellow Veterans site but the egregious nature of the disinformation being disseminated there provokes me to mention it. Were it the first time, I might not be so inclined to comment. Unfortunately this line of logic has permeated their moderators’ and administrators’ posts for as long as I have been visiting them. What is to be gained by telling Veterans they are little more than heroin addicts and unworthy of service connection? Why would someone tar and feather a Veteran thus?

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  1. Kel says:

    And the BS just got deeper over there. Even if one is banned, you can still read the crap posted as long as you arent logged in. Want to read some serious CRAP? Go there and have a peek. REDICULOUS.

  2. david j murphy says:

    Just joined site, stirred the pot a little. Will see what pops up

    • SquidlyOne says:

      They have an x-DRO over there who is part of the management. He had a brother who supposedly died from HCV along with his other drug addict buddies. He thinks the only way to get Hep C is to take drugs. How many other DROs think that way? Some DROs are using the backlog excuse to drag out appeal decisions for about two years now. Even if the the DRO review decisons come down at 50-50%, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to waste yet another 2 years before getting in line at the BVA. That particular site is a “fringe” site in my books. It could very well be renamed to: “how to hamburger a claim for good in one easy lesson”.

  3. RobertG says:

    It’s nothing but a blog site! Common sense doesn’t prevail there. Everyone shouting like howler monkey’s. No order of sop. Cut and paste some of your wins here NOD and see what happens…

  4. Kel says:

    I have to wonder just exactly why would a Vet try to discourage another, and then make allusive statements drawing a line to drug abuse? What on earth would one possibly gain? Freud would have a field day with this.

  5. Randy says:

    Oh, you know where I am headed!

    • asknod says:

      And well you should. I would hope there would be a stampede to the site to set matters aright. I, apparently, have been banned. After viewing it, I opted to post. I was met with “We don’t allow your kind in here.” message. I assume that’s a compliment. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the VBA is the webmaster/host. I guarantee that if you put up a link back to this site telling about a BVA jetgun win, it (and you) would be censored within an hour. We can’t have the truth out and about, now can we?

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