Jet-injectors spread HCV show and tell

Virologist Nathan Wolfe is somewhat nervous in this 2010 TEDMED talk;  he had to start twice to coordinate with his slides.  And maybe he knew he was about to make some enemies in the mainstream medical world and lose some financial support for his outspokenness.  Between minutes 6:40 and 8:00, he TELLS  how mass vaccination campaigns spread diseases and SHOWS a photo of a person receiving a jet-injector (MUNJI) smallpox vaccination and TELLS the world how it spread viruses like HCV.

Joy A. MacDonald, Veterans Law Judge, BVA, needs to get up to speed on this subject.  In 2007, she wrote,

“Finally, although claimed by the veteran, inoculation by air-gun is not a recognized risk factor for hepatitis C.  Ultimately, the evidence of record shows that the veteran was only subject to one risk factor for hepatitis C.  There is no evidence to suggest that he may have contracted hepatitis C through any of the other recognized means. Accordingly, for these reasons, service connection for hepatitis C is warranted.”

The veteran was a medic so why was he denied in the first place?  Joy, we’re sorry to inform you and your fellow judges that you’re not microbiologists.  You don’t know a darn thing about it.  Check out this TEDMED talk and get real.

I just started reading Nathan Wolfe’s engaging book, The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age.  He’s given two different talks on TED which you may enjoy too.

Dr. Wolfe, you get five stars for public truth-telling.  Battle-on.

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