Global liver cancer incidence map

Not everyone who is infected with HCV progresses to liver cancer but the incidence of liver countries is worse in some countries.   (Click map or link, the LIVER tab, zoom (+) and hover your mouse over countries you wish to investigate.  Hold mouse down to move it by dragging.)

Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma WWII), Korea, all have high rates of liver cancer.  Japan and the Philippines are also high.  I think it’s obvious that many American troops stationed in SE Asia became infected with blood-borne pathogens during their service.  Asian blood donations, massive transfusions,  massive unprotected sex, receipt of unsafe village barbering practices, tattoos, massive unsafe injections and medical procedures, contacts with blood in combat etc…all played important roles in the spread of viruses from Asians to Americans.

liver cancer map

Pulitzer Center maps show very high incidence of liver cancer from hepatitis including Thailand and Vietnam.

The Pulitzer Center created this map with WHO data.

“Almost 85% of liver cancer cases occur in developing nations. In Asian countries such as Mongolia, the burden of disease is blamed on high rates of hepatitis B and C, as well as widespread alcohol use.”

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