WHO slide on MUNJIs: “Risk for bloodborne pathogen transmission”

These slide images are not in order.  They show the WHO website URL and are from a  presentation–probably 2006.   Yup, they’re still trying to sell the new improved disposal cartridge jet injectors (DCJIs) for ID vaccinations for flu this time.  I can understand the desire to reduce needle-sticks to healthcare workers and the reuse of needles which cause infections, but  even those with disposable spacers/cartridge may not be as risk-free as single dose, single-use syringes.

I’m going to include these slides in my DHs claim for HCV because they’re authoritative,  short and to the point.


“Risk of transmission” is stronger language than the Fast Letter’s term, “plausible.”  They have evidence that they do transmit bloodborne pathogens.  Also note that MUNJIs were sterilized nightly, not after each arm-to-arm injection.

id flu

Note the safety concerns: nozzles were reused.

id 2 who friede

CDC is involved with testing these devices. In the US, the FDA regulates them.

id arm who

If there are DNA studies for the new jet injector models, where are the RNA studies for MUNJIs. Unpublished?

Dr. Bruce Weniger is a high-profile public health professional who is somewhat of an ally in the sense that he has made efforts to educate his peers on MUNJI dangers.  You may have seen his 2004 “black” series of slides on MUNJIs  online.  They are important because they cite studies to bolster his position.  If you haven’t seen them, take a look: 


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  1. Randy says:

    And in 20 or more years who is going to pay the victims when there is cross contamination?

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