Member Loyal sends us this one. It’s ugly. I tacked on a comment at the bottom of the article that sums up my feelings on the subject. It reminds me of the second stanza of the old Buffalo Springfield tune from that era.

There’s battle lines being drawn
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

This problem isn’t going to resolve itself. Having the government grant a charter to a not-for-profit (right!) outfit that purports to help Vets is a criminal act shopping for a crime scene. Giving them free room and board at VAROs is like adding napalm to a housefire. I have to hand it to IAVA. They have the same sense of umbrage that the Vietnam Vets of America did in their day. Sadly, VVA has now accepted the VA’s methadone maintenance program like the others and is inexorably hooked on the money. Who would have thunk it?

As I said in my comment, how sad it is that we, the 8% of America who sacrificed our time to protect her, are given the poorest form of justice with which to pursue our claims. When you have to lose before being allowed competent legal help, it speaks volumes about how much you are valued. When the same outfits who are sworn to help you take sides with your enemy (who purports to be your saviour), you are no longer in the land of cotton. I don’t care what they tell you. The enemy of your enemy will always be your friend. Listen to your heart, not your VSO.

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