jon boy speaks

jon boy speaks

In a sudden turnabout, the progressive media are rethinking Bush’s involvement in the backlog. It was revealed yesterday that, contrary to popular belief, it had been going on since before his father’s tenure.  In fact knowledgeable historians inveighed and correctly identified the first backlog as beginning shortly after 1776. The average time by 1866 was over a year.

Jon Stewart took the lead yesterday and launched a tirade in the right direction. W wasn’t exactly exonerated but Haliburton wasn’t mentioned for the first time. VA is now finding it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of all the bad press. What’s next ? Chris Matthews coming down on Eric? Perish the thought. Sequestration will be the guilty party next week. For those of you with tender ears, you may find Jon a little over the top. I didn’t listen as I’ve been briefed on the cause. Please refrain from making any snide political remarks as I will be forced to curb them. I merely report these developments  and present them for your edification. My philosophy is who will help. I care not what flavor tie he wears or where he/she hails from.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    I thought it was a good brief expose–and oh, there are those Winston Salem claims folders again.

  2. James Perry says:

    WWII was won if five years. The sixteen million WWII veterans are all but dead and gone. Upon their disappearance the VA was elevated to Department friom an agency with Justices and a court. 1979 VJRA the VA was no longer part of the Pentagon and DoD. Yet, with the CRA’s veterans are placed with the ash, trash, and dead bodies while the fed works no better than before. War has become socialized with no compulsory military service and the backlogs are dependent on whatever crumbs are left over by the Pentagon and the other executives after morning coffee. Great grandfather was pensioned off a $8.00 dollars per month in his old age from the Civil War. Guns or butter. Slow and incompetent some died before receiving anything.

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