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Rick Townsend Of Stardust Radio has me on to discuss the Gilead Sciences  HCV drug Sofosbuvir (name tentative) or the Trial name GS 7944. That’s Stardust Radio and Rick’s Firebase Adrian show on Sunday at 7 PM EDT or 4 PM on the Left coast.

>We”ll talk about new innovations on that and asking your PCP for a referral.

>We’ll discuss HCV Hugfest in Magnet, Indiana where we’ll be in June.

>We’ll be discussing the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims process, too as that’s where I currently am.

> Knowing Rick, we’ll probably discuss my new 230 grain, .44 mag, JHP with the hollowpoint pockets filled with a small calibre pistol primer facing forward. I use Cupcake’s old, flame-red fingernail polish like loc-tite® to seat them with.

Moving right along to next Wednesday, the 27th of March at 1000 hrs EDT or 0700 on the left Coast, Jbasser and the crew at have graciously invited me over there for a discussion about none other than this very site. We’re the FNGs on the block as most know, so any recognition of a finite, shirt tail, HCV site is welcome.

imagesI’m sure we’ll have a wide-ranging discussion about more than just who, why, and how it happened. By rights, it should be Patricia Lupole they should invite.



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  1. Kiedove says:

    See if you can the MP3 files for these Stardust interviews to post here on a page.

  2. asknod says:

    That is do not know. I believe they tape and archive them but you can always go to and post the question, sir.

  3. RedCloud says:

    Is the discussion going to be web cast like Stardust Radio?

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