That’s funny. I still sing Bobby Gentry’s song when I spell that. Works every time,too.Frank the syrup guy sends us this hair-raiser. Well, it’s only hair-raising until you spot the initials VA, then it becomes just one in a long line of whitewash jobs from 810 Vermin Gulch. Former VA employee says VA did…. VA OIG investigators were unable to sustain this or find a corroborating witness. The former employee was fired for having the vapors and mentioning it. No such number. No such zone.

Whistleblowers always come out on the short end of the stick. They lose everything but their dignity. This becomes increasingly more difficult when five (5) ha, çinq personnel are whistling a capella . When the choir are being led by a doctor who worked there thirty years, you will need some high-octane oil-based primer. There simply wan’t enough to go around at the G. V. (Sonny) Montgomery V.A. Medical Center.

But it has been troubled by recent investigations and a high level of turnover. Last year, the associate director for patient care services, Dorothy White-Taylor, was arrested on a charge of fraudulently obtaining the painkiller hydrocodone. Her case is still pending.

It’s people like Dorothy who give the VA a bad name. You and I know this happens so rarely that it is statistically insignificant. Usually there’s a family conspiracy at the Travel Office involving three or four people-all with the same last name or hyphenated variations of it. Stealing money from the VA isn’t as icky as stealing Oxycontin.

Another big problem is when you get clobbered by bad PR again and again at the same VAMC. People are bound to suspect there’s a pattern of behaviour that is non-conforming and rebellious. When the DEA drops by for coffee and doughnuts, you need a New York PR makeover.

A few months later, the hospital’s longtime chief of staff stepped down, and the Drug Enforcement Administration opened an investigation into whether nurse practitioners at the hospital were prescribing narcotics without proper licenses or adequate oversight by doctors.

When the trickle turns into a gully-washer, it’s best to go on the offensive and at least pretend you’re going through the motions of investigating it. When have you ever known VA to be proactive? Oh, yes the paperless VBMS- but it doesn’t work. Instead, when faced with an ongoing disaster in the making, Ward Bond at the VAMC circled the wagons and denied there was anything to see. Remember ol’ Ward?


Then in 2011, another former employee asserted that she had regularly observed workers in the sterile processing department not wearing required protective equipment like face masks and disposable gloves. That whistle-blower, Gloria Kelley, also said that employees in the unit did not receive adequate training. The Department of Veterans Affairs was unable to substantiate many of Ms. Kelley’s accusations and the case has now been closed, Ms. Lerner said in her letter on Monday.

Yep. Move along, folks. Nothing here but some broken glass. If there was a story, we’d call you. Put this in your claims folder under U for unsanitary. If they tell you you didn’t catch the bug there, you can poke holes in the story. This one won’t be over for a while. The New York Times has a death grip on it. It seems anything of or having to do with the VA is all the rage now. What’s a rogue agency to do? Blame somebody.

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