CDC tells all? Nope, but they’re throwing out some crumbs.

I’ve been studying WHO’s successful global eradication of the dreaded smallpox virus by vaccination.  The program began in 1969.  According to a press release, smallpox was “eliminated first in South America, West and Central Africa, then in Asia and finally in East Africa. Global smallpox eradication was finally achieved with the world’s last naturally-occurring case in Somalia on 26 October 1977.”  It remains a remarkable achievement.

However, jet-gun injectors (MUNJIs) were used; later bifurcated needles dipped into multi-dose vials became a popular way to administer the vaccine.  (More about that later.)  Please let this 1975 CDC photo of a resident vaccinator (Bangledesh)–and CDC description sink in.  

“This local smallpox eradication team member displayed a high degree of ingenuity in keeping his vial of smallpox vaccine cool while he made the rounds from house to house, by placing the vial inside the core of a palm branch. You’ll note the placement of a single bifurcated needle in the branch as well, which was worrisome, for using the same needle between vaccine recipients could have facilitated the spread of other blood-borne diseases. Today, the practice of needle-reuse would be completely unacceptable knowing what we now understand about the spread of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.”

PHIL Image 7515

A dirty bifurcated needle, dirty multi-dose smallpox vial and
dirty hands were used to puncture the skin, (drawing blood) to
vaccinate many villagers.

The crude methods used were not “worrisome” in the past although some people may have had reservations about the potential for the transmission of blood-born pathogens.

bifurcated needle

bifurcated needle

Now consider Egypt.  It has the largest burden of HCV infection in the world.  The CDC published a 2012 report about the link between unsafe vaccinations and the Hepatitis C epidemic in Egypt in the report Progress Toward Prevention and Control of Hepatitis C Virus Infection — Egypt, 2001–2012.

“The hepatitis C epidemic in Egypt began during 1960–1980, when mass campaigns were conducted to control schistosomiasis…administered by health-care workers using improperly sterilized glass syringes.”

In a different CDC 2009 publication for lab workers, I found:

“Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus (formerly known as nonA nonB Virus), Hepatitis D Virus

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is the type species of the Orthohepadnavirus genus in the family Hepadnaviridae. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the type species of the Hepacivirus genus in the family Flaviviridae. Hepatitis D virus (HDV) is the only member of the genus Deltavirus.

These viruses are naturally acquired from a carrier during blood transfusion, vaccination, tattooing, or body piercing with inadequately sterilized instruments.  Non-parenteral routes, such as domestic contact and unprotected (heterosexual and homosexual) intercourse, are also major modes of transmission.”

The quote is from Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) 5th Edition,  section VII.  This statement is inclusive of all three viruses and lists vaccination before tattooing and after transfusions.  The word “intercourse” is called  a major “mode of transmission.”  Interestingly, IV use is omitted.

The list of HCV smoking guns is long.  Are the timid scientists at the CDC getting a bit braver?

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3 Responses to CDC tells all? Nope, but they’re throwing out some crumbs.

  1. hepsick says:

    Its called AGENDA 21, If You want to understand what is really going on, World Depopulation by vaccination, Bill Gates is a Mass Murderer, In Africa they RUN when NATO Doctors come with there Vaccinations, After there NATO LOVE, many of the children DIE from the Shots, Bill Himself said that if we do a really good Job, we can cut World population by 30 %, We have entered the TWILIGHT ZONE, Boys and Girls,and the World is waking up to this Fact.
    Peace mark

  2. randy says:

    I wonder what it would cost for a research facility to perform studies using airguns as a means of transmission, assuming of course that any of those guns are still available.

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