Here’s a new one to pass on from Lawdog Bob. We lose sight sometimes of where Agent Roundup was and who got hosed. Presumptive is beginning to leak under the rug and pop up in other places. When you follow the meager trail of breadcrumbs back to its source, you realize they had to have this stored in America before it got to the land of Oz. Any time you store a liquid, there are spills. Duh.

And so it is that the military just “found” these records and provided them to the VA. Smooth move, boys. Now what?  Bury it in bowels of the basement at Vermin Ave. ? Too late. They did the next best thing and gave it a different AO web address so it doesn’t just jump up and bite your eyeballs. A little touch-up on the photos and voilà-  push print.

2013-01-28 162136

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  1. randy says:

    Have none of those civilian workers come forth to drop the bomb on the government? I guess it really doesn’t matter as they probably all shared razors or had sex with each other or whatever the yardstick is for AO contamination. Maybe they sold it off to North Korea so that the peasent population could clear more forests for attaining a bumper crop.

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