Hep C maps: Access BIG data online

hcv map

Map Hep C
source: National Minority Quality Forum

For an overview of HCV demographics, register (name, email, password), agree to “personal use only” of the mapping application, and you can explore HCV prevalence and hospitalization data to 2006.   You can drill down by zip code or whatever parameters you are interested in.  You can search by legislative district too.

I found the site while thinking about the much higher rates of HCV in males for the 45-65 year old demographics.  I think this can be explained, in part, by the fact that very few females joined the military 40 years ago when compared to males.

August 4, 1964 – January 27, 1973
Total who served in all Armed Forces:

Deployed to Southeast Asia: 3,403,000

In comparison, a VA 2009 press release states:

“About 250,000 women Veterans served in the military during the Vietnam War and about 7,000 were in or near Vietnam.

The VA is requesting about 10,000 female Vietnam Era veterans to participate in a four-year health study.

Those who were in Vietnam, those who served elsewhere in Southeast Asia and those who served in the United States are potential study participants.”

It will be interesting to see the results of this study since the women who did serve were often exposed to blood as healthcare workers.

Ed. note: It would be nice if this site also delves into genotype by geographical distribution in the sixties and seventies to show the predilection for 3A on the Indochinese Peninsula, 2A and 2B  distribution in Korea and Japan, 1B in Europe and of course 1A in the US.

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