1965 Jet gun injector image to save

PHIL Image 12148

Front view of a hand-held jet-injector, also known as a Ped-O-Jet. 

The jet gun’s wide surface area makes it easy to intuit how easily it transmitted  blood-borne pathogens’ DNA and RNA through percutaneous mass vaccinations.   (Latin: “by way of the skin /or through the skin”).  Contrast it with the width of a needle used on just one patient.  It’s also easy to see why these dirty devices had to be withdrawn from military and civilian use.

Would this be a useful photo to include in claims folders and to show to ignorant VA C & P examiners?  An investment in an 8 x 10 enlargement will cost under $5.00.  A color copy costs about $1.00.

Ed. note. You all will be pleased to see that VA is actually starting to adopt our nickname for these (jetguns). I’m starting to see the name pop up more and more frequently. I started using it shortly after I came to the HCVets site when writing up BVA decisions. It sounded more ominous than “pneumatic air inoculation devices”. Since there was more than one brand, it seemed appropriate. Kiedove brings a wonderful perspective to this site with her hard work.

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8 Responses to 1965 Jet gun injector image to save

  1. SquidlyOne says:

    The C&P examiners know full well about the jet-guns. Some of the smaller VAROs don’t use QTC. They hire general practice MDs, PAs or nurses to do the HCV C&P exams. They are well “briefed” about the jet-guns beforehand. I submitted a copy of VA Fast Letter 2004 along with a short and sweet, cut and dried, BVA jet-gun decision for a squid who went through bootcamp at the same time that I did. There was no diagnosis of any type of hepatitis during service and he got out at about the same time that I did. That sailor had obtained a rock solid nexus letter from an expert hepatologist who had personally “witnessed” the melee of a long line of bloody arms.

    The RO tripped all over themselves when I submitted that one. They said” “but, but it was a remand”. Yea it was remanded back to the RO to be rated as the VLJ had granted service connection for HCV at the BVA hearing. My C&P examiner who was a family practice MD, wouldn’t even opine on the jetguns. Examiners are supposed to opine on the likelyhood of all risk factors (each and every one) known to exist during service and after service in order to determine etilogy. Nice photo! A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. That photo attached and submitted with a copy of the VA Fast Letter of 2004 should jog their memories! 🙂

      • Kiedove says:

        You are SO right–a picture is worth a thousand words. Let them explain how this machine equates with safe injections. The VA hepatitis questionnaire does not list the dirty medical device, jet-gun so it can be written in by hand with this image attached. That’s only one idea. Let them know, that we know, what they know, but lie about with a straight face.
        Revisit this video post for a moment:
        ” Suppose that the medical device delivering the 2009 flu vaccines was a MUNJI (jet gun) and suppose Sec. Shinseki knew that the employee in front of him had HIV, HCV or HIV & HCV, would he still get that flu vaccination? We know the answer would be NO, NO, and NO.”

  2. RobertG says:

    How do I get the 8 x 10 enlargement to rush to my BVA jerks and so called IME before the fickle finger or fate without lube?

    • Kiedove says:

      Robert, (1). Right click and save image as _____. I usually save to my desktop (or folder in pictures.
      Attach to email. Send.to your lawyer OR, @2.) sign up with a photo service. I use Walgreens.
      Sign in. Upload picture to album. Pick print size. You can pay & pick up in the store (free) so no credit card is needed to order. Or they’ll mail it to you. Often the drug store photo kiosks have sales like 40% off various sizes. .
      For a color copy, if you have a Staples nearby, you can email them the image to their print kiosk and they’ll print it and you can pick it up.
      A personal color printer may not show it in enough detail to have the desired “this is reality” impact.

      • RobertG says:

        Thanks… My IME results have not come back to BVA as I have been told. Still I will send ASAP with another copy of fast letter. I am pro se and hate lawyers. If I am kicked up to CAVC then a mouthpiece is required. That pic makes me squirm as it was used on me so many times…

  3. randy says:

    Oh no, now I will never be able to sleep tonight. I have a nickname for them as well but I cannot use it in mixed company. Made the hair on my arms stand at attention.

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