HCVets June 9-16, 2013 gathering in Indiana

HCVets is such a wonderful resource.  They are organizing a (non-profit) net-working retreat for veterans called “HugFest 2013.”   Housing is in private rooms in two large riverfront cabins.   There is a food fund but I don’t know if meals are included.

Nightly rates are available for those who can’t spend the week.  There are  “pay-it-forward” and sponsor a vet opportunities too.


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2 Responses to HCVets June 9-16, 2013 gathering in Indiana

  1. Dave/Doc says:

    There is not a formal food fund, but there is always lots of food….especially at the end of our gathering! Looking forward to seeing many of the old and lots of new faces!!! As so many have commented over the years……”it is so good to be with people that understand what HCV and the treatment REALLY means to our lives!”

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