Great shot of the east leg to the Washington Monument. I found it on my facepage

15600_10151314513918606_470682699_nFew things affect me like this wall.


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  1. This picture gave me the chills! Beautiful.

  2. randy says:

    Way too many names on that wall.

    • Kiedove says:

      Yes, 58,261 currently. A terrible number although no number is good.
      The fallen are going to be remembered in more depth in a new Education Center. (Article link below)
      “Goundbreaking of The Education Center at The Wall, a future national landmark that will bring to life the stories of the more than 58,261 Americans who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.
      Located on the National Mall, the Education Center will uniquely bridge past, present and future by connecting veterans from all eras to one another. In addition to Vietnam veterans, the Education Center will also serve as a memorial to the lives of service members lost in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

      “And that is also why the Education Center is so important: it will help ensure that our veterans will always be remembered – not just in name, but by their actions – telling their stories again so that future generations may learn and be inspired by their service for years to come.”

      The photograph is stunning and a reminder that we must never stop striving for “Peace on Earth.”

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