This is pathetic. The Playground Supervisors  (VR&E’s big, bonus winners) have been caught back east with their pants down.

 Participants Misidentified   

We reviewed a sample of 70 CER files and found 45 files were appropriately recorded in CWINRS as self-employment participants. However, case managers incorrectly recorded 25 of 70 files in CWINRS as veterans participating in self-employment services. According to the CER files, these 25 veterans received other VR&E program services such as independent living and employment through long-term services.

This is exactly what I suspected. I pointed out to my counselor that there were two distinct branches of the VR&E tree-a path to employment and one for ILP. He says there’s only one.  This is fairly conclusive proof that they consider it to be one big pie that can be cut up any way they say it can. The whole VR&E concept was born in 1918-right after the WW1.   The ILP was instituted in 1980 after Vietnam for Vets who would never normally survive any war.Congress realized that those of us who were severely disabled needed a special niche. vA has decided to exercise “portion control” over the funds allotted them. I always wondered why no one I talked to at VR&E had ever heard of ILP.

The VR&E is a personnel nightmare. It’s filled with GS-10s and above. The lowliest typists in the shops are usually GS-9s. Good ol’ boy network is writ large here. Everyone has initials after their name like CRC, BMOC, I(CU2), CO(OL), MS(NBC). I’m sure you know the types. Here. Go to my vA Who’s Who widget  and then just click on Veterans Benefits Administration, choose your state and look at the 300 employees. Ones listed as Social Science are the VR&E big guys. The smaller potatoes are Psychology. The typists are listed under Social Science with GS11 ($61K) to GS12 ($87K). Wowser. Twenty six VR&E troops at Fort Fumble in Seattle from GS 11 to GS14- One GS14, two GS 13, nineteen @ GS-12, and four @ 11. In the Canoe Club (Navy) they’d call that top-heavy with brass. Anywhere BUT the vA.

Does anyone see why we have a problem at the vA? Everyone there is so old they have Alzheimer’s or else they are getting paid waaaaaaaaaay over scale. Ya think? Used to be a GS-14 was pushing twenty years. Nowadays they start you at GS-10 there. Happy VR&E “social scientists” make happy ratings. So where’s my greenhouse?

VA approved greenhouse

VA approved greenhouse

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  1. Kiedove says:

    In the last column, after the adjusted salary, is the FY 10 Award a bonus award?

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