True to my word on putting up a copy of my Greenhouse NOD, at fifteen pages this one is a  veritable Gutenberg bible. For those of you who are filing for the ILP or have lost, this will give you a lot of good ammo to fight with. All the regulations, statutes and M-21 references are in there. vA’s favorite Miriam Webster definitions for necessary and vital are already assembled. Virtually all you need to do is insert the correct VARO address, the appropriate disabilities,  and formulate why you need them for your independence. With twenty other ILP entries on  the subject on our site, you should be able to get a solid claim together for this project. And yes-it’s our site. Yours and mine. Written for Veterans by Veterans (and their wives). We do it for you because, quite frankly, if the shoe was on the other foot I’m sure you’d do it for us.

Make no mistake about it. This is every bit as arduous as a claim for benefits. You’ll have long, dead spells in between filings but nothing on the order of years. After the denial of it’s existence is abandoned, progress will ensue.

Go to the widget at the top and click on VAROs-Who’s who. Enter Veterans Benefits Admin and your VARO state and county to see who the ILP folks are who will be giving you grief. They’re usually GS-10s and above and  listed as “psychologist” or “Social Science”. More subterfuge or vA’s rude attempt at humor. Add up their combined wages for a year and you’ll see a lot of tax $ being squandered denying the very programs you’re entitled to. If this doesn’t incur your wrath, nothing will. The wages paid to VR&E folks at the SEARO alone are $1,465,737.00 not counting the bonuses. My daddy used to say “That government work is thirsty business and liquor costs money.”

Go to and look at this site. Note the posts by USNDW. He’s very knowledgeable on this subject and has much experience dealing with them. Fortunately, they seem to be working with him rather than against him. My bozos at the Seattle RO are not so accommodating.

I’d also like to thank Rick Townsend for a wonderful program tonight. He’s one of the best secret weapons we have in our war with the vA for our benefits. Make no mistake about it. This program is not about a grab bag of goodies for greedy Vets. The ILP was designed for the most disabled among us. Congress saw fit to ameliorate the rotten remuneration afforded Vets on compensation by offering extras to enhance our lives. Do not ever think this is cheating another Vet out of a vocational goal. The avocational funds were set aside for us and are being usurped for other causes at our expense. The mere fact that they have chosen to bury this out back behind the outhouse is proof that they’d prefer we didn’t know. On the rare occasion when the cat gets out of the bag, they try to substitute extendahand top shelf grabbers, portapottys, cordless phones in lieu of Life Alert pendants, and grab bars at the water closets. Don’t fall for it.

I’ll leave this in Microword so those of you who desire can modify it to your needs.

VR-E NOD for Greenhouse 11-21-12

There are no rules for this. The ILP is in the form of a grant. There is great leeway to entertain your requests. A medical need is most likely going to be granted, but computers are one of the big ones these days. No one can say they are “necessary and vital” to independence in everyday living any more so than a Tempurpedic bed. Remember that when they abruptly deny you. Force them to put it in writing with a complete rationale for their denial. Their reasons will look petty and spiteful when committed to paper.

To Todd and Bill-we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors on this. Questions can and will be answered about this at always. Email me and I’ll send you an autographed copy of the book if you so desire.  And may I say in all seriousness- Thank you both (and all Vets) for being so selfless as to offer to serve your country that others might receive the enduring gift of freedom. Few hear the call. Even fewer sign on the line.

Four years ago and nothing to show for it… Way to go Congress. I notice nobody missed out on their precious perks up on the Hill in the interim.

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  1. asknod says:

    Here’s the drill, Robert. You must be severely disabled due to service-connected injuries in order to qualify for this. Surely you can see the wisdom in that . It is a panacea for all the other insults we endure. I do not wish to make light of anyone’s injuries or their etiology, but the ILP was inaugurated for those who were injured in the line of duty. It is only given to those who suffer severe handicaps. Even though the threshold is technically 20%, statistically only Vets with ratings of 100% or more ever see any significant awards. I don’t make the rules. I simply try to get the info out to all of you who are treated like mushrooms.

    • RobertG says:

      Agreed. I am still praying I win my appeals. I will go out of my way to tell as many vets as I can about this program. Imagine a spike in these claims here in Ca? They couldn’t blame the vso’s. Yes I know all about those mushrooms you mention…

  2. RobertG says:

    “There are no rules for this. The ILP is in the form of a grant”. So no SC needed? Does NSC disabilities qualify? Interesting…..All the time, work, postage, stress, computer sweat and angry roids
    is not free to the hurting…

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