How about Together We Sever you from $19.95 a year (or until you find the cancel button).

Just a little update on the website from one of our members. Apparently Togetherweserved has an interesting hook for new members. In order to pickpocket you for the one year $19.95 membership, they offer it free. The hook? Why, they just need your credit card to confirm your identity. In the small print it says if you do not opt out in 10 days then you agree to pay the $20.00 for a year. So free suddenly morphs into an Andrew Jackson coupon.  They’ll continue to dun you yearly until you find the little “Cancel” button disguised up in the upper left corner of your site stats.

Their financial office does put up a good argument for the $20.00. They connect you with all your buddies- assuming they join too. They have several “disabled Vets” working there diligently counting your cash as it rolls in. Disabled as we know can consist of 0% for Tinnitus. So Ladies and gentlemen Vets. Forewarned is forearmed. Don’t fall for the ploy. For 0 dollars, you can dig around on Facebook. For $39.95 you can find anyone in the United States for a year. It’s called a CBI or criminal background check. They sounded like a genuine outfit but alas. There’s a P.T. Barnum born every day. Some are even low enough to take Vets for a ride. Sure, no one can debate they provide a “service”. I’ll let you folks decide if it’s worth the dough.

For the next year, you can go on my profile page and post outrageous medals and claims! I don’t care. I wiped it clean.

P.S. 3/10/2019-Five years after this post, I find this blurb in a #wired post dated in 2008:

TogetherWeServed.com… launched its Air Force site last December. President Brian Foster said at that time the California company had been operating its popular Marines and Navy sites for years without complaints.

But after signing up more than 50,000 [Air Force] members in the first few weeks, participation in the site suddenly slowed as a PowerPoint presentation from Air Force Maj. Mark D. Hedden began circulating online, Foster said.

50,000 Vets at $20 each-just in 2008 for just Air Force Veterans. That, ladies and gentlemen, is One million dollars. I guess it takes a lot of money to put up a good website. I pay WordPress about $100 a year for asknod.org. Maybe I should require everyone to pay to absorb my wit and knowledge. Not. I enjoy being able to sleep at night with a good conscience.

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  1. Robert Parker says:

    There are many out there that uses this tactic, RestMods is one, you really need to read the terms before you sign, RestoMods got me for months before I caught it!

  2. James says:

    I’ll be Damned…… Thanks…
    Please look up ” GoFundMe,com/ BUILD the wall” let me know this is $80

  3. Bruce Larson says:

    CC IS NOT NEEDED… Unless of course you’re one of those folks using the Internet with ZERO education on HOW it works, never actually paying attention and STOPPING TO READ the instructions… but instead just click away.

    The epitome of intellectual laziness…

    Typical of someone thinking NOBODY HAS TO WORK TO PROVIDE IDIOTS FREE ACCESS to the Web-service the owner(s) must PAY to provide. Do you think that the people providing the web-service togetherweserved does so MAGICALLY?

    What are you a welfare whore or a veteran? Do you think that you are entitled to the production of others?

    I went to college with my education benefits and became an engineer building the Internet for the past 30 years after serving 8 years as an Airborne Pathfinder Team Leader, and multiple TBIs…

    All I had to do was follow the instructions to create a free account and NEVER ONCE was I ‘required’ to provide my CC info! I just read the simple instructions for opening a FREE LOADER account.

    What is your excuse? Clearly you did not read the instructions, and instead signed up for the TRIAL MEMBERSHIP and it renewed EXACTLY AS THE INSTRUCTIONS STATE THEY WILL. Very clearly. And with puerile simplicity. So that even a child could understand them. As long as they pay attention to WHAT they are reading.

    Like I learned in Pathfinder School… Not even the military can fix stupid. Fortunately, however there is always a latrine to be serviced and therefore a home for all manner of feeble minded functionary in service of the brave.

    YOU are the contrived ignoramus perpetrating misfeasance of veterans in abject arrogance. That much us axiomatic.

    Bruce Larson

    • asknod says:

      Ah Mr. Larson the Pathfinder in 2018. But not the pathfinder in 2012. Sir, you have shit for brains if you do not annotate the year the blog was posted. We call that “contemporary perspective”. Look it up. After six years of mulling the ill effects my post has had on your bottom line, TWS clearly decided to revamp the format. But, troll that you are, your much vaunted college education was useless when it was critically required. Considering it took you six years to find this post, I suppose we shouldn’t revoke your Pathfinder status but award you the Turtle Medal with two OLCs for your dogged perseverance-however tardy. 30 years building the Internet? Not much of a testimonial to your trade, Bruce. Too bad you skipped English 101. For the record, it’s “as” I learned in Pathfinder School, not “like”. Jez, what do they teach you pukes in college? Narcissism?

      Another point. Somehow, I manage to provide this website to all-free of charge. We have no members, no dues and certainly never sell our user’s information. I pay for my WordPress site out of my own pocket. You might also notice there are no advertisements for Viagra or Russian wives here. I could make thousands each month just on that alone. Why is it TWS has such high overhead? Do they need expensive CPA/accountants to count the money and figure out where to hide it? God forbid they have a 501(c)(3) and charge an entrance fee.

  4. DMAx says:

    I was going to give it a try, see if I can find some old Army buddies. Felt like I was exposing a lot of personal info. Got to the CC part and scrolled over that info. Got to the free part and they still wanted my cc info. Instead I decided to google it and see if they’re legit? Yes it appears the free is after they get your cc info you get the trial but have to cancel within that 10 days or they’ll ding your cc. I’d like to give it a whirl but who knows if my old ranger buddies are even members here…

    • asknod says:

      I’ve received email from the purported “ownership” threatening me with legal action. I won’t call it a scam as they obviously provide something. What, I’m not exactly sure. Best of luck in finding your buddies.

  5. Arvel L Palmer says:

    On the 4th step of the membership process, you do NOT have to pay the $19.95 or even use your credit card. You can click “No Thanks” and get “Free Member privileges with limited access only.” I know that it’s NOT FULL access, but it doesn’t cost $19.95 per year either.

    • asknod says:

      They said free and then nicked my credit card. I had to jump through hoops to get out of it and they did get my $20. That was a number of years ago in 2012. It could be that enough Veterans complained that they instituted the “free/limited” access after they fleeced me. I guess they had to find a new way to inveigle members with an easier ejection handle.
      As I point out, always investigate the people you associate with. Assume nothing. “Always have a plan to kill everyone in the room” as one of my SF buddies said once in a country north of Thailand that rhymed with “mouse” where I never served… together… with anyone.

  6. Kiedove says:

    Good to know. Thank you.

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